Jan 15, 2018

Handles existing some factors to consider before getting an induction cooktop

You could discover specific conditions for the thickness of cladding. The vital point to remember is just how evenly a pan provides warmth.

Complete cladding aids appropriate heat uniformly throughout a frying pan and is especially crucial for induction cooking because the home induction burner heating takes place so quickly. It makes a vital distinction when frying because food chefs rapidly and at high temps. It is additionally a valuable piece in pans you utilize for sticky and thick foods that require guidance to relocate heat around.

For frying pans that you use mainly with slim fluids, the fuel cladding isn't as essential. The motion of simmering liquids tends to distribute warm quite well by itself.

So if you purchase specific items rather than a set, you could acquire added, fully-clad frying pans, and saucepans, and perhaps choose more efficient choices for Dutch ovens and stockpots.

On the whole, although, because reason warm is so fast, the complete cladding is the best opportunity, and you will not regret owning it. The only bottom-clad item I suggest is the Anolon nonstick frying pan. It's because this container has many great uses that master its bottom-only cladding.

Is the supervisor straightforward to understand? Does it make the pot simpler or harder to use? Do you like its appearances?

Frying pans and also saucepans have one long deal including, yet some instead have two short ones. A lengthy contract with performs a pot much easier to get, while low sales with can make it easier to make use of in the stove and store. This is solely a choice, yet know that both options are offered.

Helper manages short names on the other side of a lengthy manage. They're called assistant deals with because they make it less challenging to manage heavy pots. 

Some lines of cookware have silicone-coated handles. Although usually assured to be oven protected, the silicone will wear at any period if you use a pan in the oven often. Gas fires will take a toll. Silicon will undoubtedly break finally despite how careful you are with it. It is not the area with stainless handles, which we accept for this design.
Many pans are going to have level rims. But you have the option of frying containers and saute frying pans. 

Rivets Vs. Rivetless.
A couple of brand names of clothed pots and pans are rivetless, the deals with are fixed. It is a gorgeous function because it makes containers much easier to clean. Rivets are far from a deal-breaker if you're just starting or have to register for your collection, frying pans without rivets warrant consideration.

The stainless cookware is dishwashing machine risk-free.
Stainless-steel is not a non-stick cover, so all stainless pans are expected to need some trial if made use of for untidy, sticky foods. Some brands are more comfortable to tidy than others. 

Aug 21, 2017

Best pool cleaner foe this summer

You require being careful that your pet is ready to get in the pool. This knows efficient ways to and also is capable of getting out. If you think a brand new build or a rebuild, I very suggest a Baja/Tanning shelf and also various workbenches purposefully located around the pool. Pets are mere as included in the water as little ones are true. If you do not have the wanted preventative measures, the swimming pool may be an actual menace to your cherished family pet. Did you know that there are lifestyle vests for family pets? Furthermore, in the example of "I shouldn't deserve this,  I will" is that if you have pet dogs, you want to regularly monitor them in the pool in case they enter the query.

There has but to be developed a stable, reliable, affordable, organized method to disinfect bathing pools other than making use of chlorine, notwithstanding the fact that this has been railed against as damaging. Without bleach and its perks, the globe will not be where it goes to producing tidy, drinkable, life-sustaining water. It is heading to be nearby for a long time to find. The key to chlorine is proper control. The bad smells you might hold encountered, as well as the itchy red eyes, are in truth surely not a result from excessive bleach, very the opposite. Mixed chlorine and also chloramines are the enemy, not chlorine by itself. Chlorine's show is quite affected on through other parts such as pH, alkalinity, and temperature. I find pools on a regular basis that possess a pH more than 8.0; then the shore is only around 10% efficient. If you enable pet dogs in your bathing pool, the screening procedure matches, yet you should assess more frequently. See to it there is enough Free Available Chlorine (FAC) so it may do its task as well as always keep the pH point in between 7.3 and 7.5 to maximize its performance.

When they stop in the best pool cleaner with the kids, their nails may be a danger to swimmers. If you intend to observe a child panic, standby till he obtains involuntarily scratched on the ribcage or skin. Disease and also illness spread along with an open wound. See to it the little ones as well as everyone more fits with Fido or even Place in the pool with all of them and inform the youngsters to alert you quickly if a mishap occurs. Maintain those nails on the pet dog's paws shaved down.

Besides safety and security relative to going for a swim and also working in the pool, make certain you check your pool frequently to make sure that the water is healthy and firm. An honest means to carry out this is actually to have a daily explore the swimming pool. Is the water get rid? Can you view the floor of the swimming pool? Does the pool look any other from how that seemed the time before? Arrangements, including opaqueness, suggest that you should test the water and take actions to overcome water premium before anybody, person or pet, goes swimming.

Aug 14, 2017

Layout, Parts & First Impact of The Bear ® Grizzly

The Martin Hunter has lived in creation since 1962, and his essential concept stayed harmonious ever since. Martin complies as the method is still available, it was not changed. The Bear ® Grizzly is a great example of this plan. 

A report on top of this web page doesn't make Martin any equity. This appears better connected to some other hunting leader. Maybe the Hoyt Buffalo. The bow is pointed to as "Hunter," but please don't leave that natural recurve that is suitable for investigating could be used for proposed system just like well. When it comes to this particular head, this is correct. The Hunter weighs just 2.1 extra pounds, so you can lug that with you everywhere and fire this just as long as you prefer without cooking out, presented a little method.

The head has an amazingly coordinated look to this, indicating that both the upper and the bottom element are identical. It's hassle-free to the finish as well as there are no strong areas or changes, be that in the riser or even the arms or parts. To offer you a better tip of exactly what that is that has produced archers follow this bow for longer than half a hundred and suggest that to each other, listed here is a short video record posted for Martin Weapon.

Constructing the Martin Hunter
Satisfy bear in mind that the Martin Hunter recurve is not a put-down bow. You can quickly not loosen the limbs extending from the riser. Since you have to be extra cautious when putting your bow, I encourage eliminating the string each time the Seeker is not being used. This might appear dull if you remember to take the recurve bows out for some shooting. Trust me when I state that you'll understand this extremely quickly, and recognize that this is an experience you need to determine one way or another. 

The strand delivered along with the Seeker recurve only the specified continuation, and I didn't seem like I needed to turn it over the ideas way too many times to accomplish a ~ 7 in support height. The variety is coming from the strand to the riser after the crisis is strung. I promptly attached the arrowhead plate which had the head, and also within about 15 moments from opening up the unit deal my Martin expected make use.

In-Field Performance, Availability, Reliability
After having spent about $620 to get the Martin Hunter, I wanted for some top quality efficiency. The initial thing that stuck out to me was the grip, and I am not exaggerating when I pretend that this is the most comfortable bow I have ever stored. At the whole draw, I did indeed not experience any focused stress; it was spread evenly throughout the entire palm. I believe that this is because of an entirely different grasp design made up of many different contours that together form an amazingly comfy cover.

I required to point out that the bow had appropriate density. I attempted many diverse kinds of arrows along with several notches, and I didn't encounter any looseness wherever. The cord held the arrowhead strongly but destroyed that quickly if the time comes.

Mar 04, 2017

What unique qualities does Char-Broil smoker has?

Masterbuilt 20075315 Controller Smoker with Window and RF Remote Control and 40-Inch

Incorporating the Covering of a fragrant wood to the treating method of food has been prepared for several years by myself and various other attached smoking lovers.

Favorably for the current smoker, the Masterbuilt 20075315 electrical smoker states to make this simple procedure. This efficient smoker is ideal for producing customized smoked items in the benefit of your very own house, lawn, outdoor patio, or parking.

There are numerous factors to consider for obtaining a wood such as the size, power, and design. This model can handle significant amounts of the item whether it be one big product or various little parts. The Masterbuilt 40 electrical smoker uses a massive 1200 Watts of power for the most extreme smoking. When it affects the design, this glass and stainless-steel mix is the best example of communication and elegance conference to develop a tense wood burning system.

The Masterbuilt 40 electrical smoker with window features a variety of comprised of goods such as drip pan, four detachable racks, push-button control, internal lighting, and wheels for simple transport. This electrical smoker is received for smoking lovers from novice to the most skilled.

This smooth looking Masterbuilt 40 electric smoker is built for the most of the comfort for the user. The mobile drip tray, shelves, liquid pan, and thermostat are dishwashing machine safe for the fast wash.

The 975 square inches of smoking location can handle even the biggest of a video game such as turkeys, venison, or pork. The internal light enables you to see your items and see the smoking procedure. In contrast to other designs of smoker such as the Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker, the Masterbuilt 20075315 provides more private cooking location and a distinct drip capturing system forward with an original chip filling system.

In the look for a smoker that can benefit the area and the skill to handle even the largest of video game smoking works, the Masterbuilt electrical smoker is the answer to the meat smoker's prayers.

With push-button control operation, lots of power, and modern-day styling, this smoker is the reaction to the call for a practical smoker that is simple to utilize and a stunning addition to any outside location.

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

If the smoker you are looking for has to suit a currently existing visible area or if you are developing an outside living location, the items you pick can be the element in between success and failure.

If you have an interest in including a wood smoker to your toolbox of the kitchen area and outside making home appliances, the Char-Broil luxurious digital electrical smoker might end your browsing.

This trendy and straightforward to utilize smoker will improve any design and raise any smoke-filled menu. Both brand-new and old practicing smokers will create this electrical smoker simple to use and necessary to tidy.

The capability, velocity, and power of the electric smoker are important things to notice when you require a big smoker for regularly big numbers of the item. The Char-Broil luxurious digital electrical smoker promises to supply you with the flexibility to move the system to brand-new areas using the hassle-free deal with and wheels. As soon as in position, this smoker will provide 1200 Watts of power for cold or hot smoking.

Feb 10, 2017

Simmons Beautyrest World Class

Recently, for that view, are more likely to secure aid and support as their primary gauge for figuring out the original one-bed author that protrudes from the rest and though, are not interested in the cost.

It's hard to define the entire best bed mattress, noted here are a couple of bets.

The Beautyrest variety from big manufacturer Simmons has been drawing in a significant amount of client examines nowadays. Bed mattress and customers experts concur that this is the very best set bed mattress for sale in the market. The coil engineering used around the line of the stock gains it possible for decreased motion transfer. Clients who need to discuss the bed with another person may nonetheless be covered in quiet sleep even if their partners toss and alter a good deal about the bed. The only shortcoming is that it does not provide service that is much for folks who weigh moderately heavier. The coils can furthermore be most likely to drop after 7 to 10 years, so strength remains to be determined desiring.

For children who do not need to consider their bedrooms with everybody, the Posturepedic variety by Sealy frequently will count while its kind's finest bed. The large-gauge metal rings in this item are hinged together to supply optimal support particularly for individuals who have to do with the heavy side. According to user best mattress brand, this system is excellent for those looking for enough body assistance and final positioning together with for specific end users.

Select Comfort Sleep Number 5000 Pillowtop

Among this item's a unique function is its chambers that assist the user in customizing its firmness by the method of control. The double-chamber allows couples to change the two components of the bed inning accordance with their preferred tone. While the other might like a firmer bed mattress it's possible to have a comfy sleep.

Bergad Isoform Classic Mattress

Visco elastic the best foam mattress can be pricey although the Bergad Isoform Vintage presents a cost-effective option to the more expensive brand names. With concerns to reduce, the Isoform can be at level using the preferred Tempur-Pedic. The single disadvantage is that this specific bed is solely online so severe consumers will not have the capability to examine this personally. So before choosing to apply including this type one needs to consider the customer shoulders delivering expenses for item outcomes.

The free best bed mattress stays about the feelings of a person's. Although, as it relates to finest ranked items by customers and bed mattress professionals, those are a few of the uncommonly enticing variations the market products. In the next few of years, you can expect to find more modern-day sleep studies that'll overthrow these types from their current tasks.

A lot of regular bed mattress lose their health simply put time and end up being unpleasant. When this gets the place, it is tough to discover the proper position for a restful sleep. Have you ever asked why you get up with severe neck and back pain? The answer is smooth. You oversleep a condition that puts pressure on your spinal column, limiting it to unwind.

The very first benefit of memory foam bed mattress is that they support the back. This indicates that it eases the body of tension, assisting you to delight in an excellent night sleep. The result offers support to the body and keeps the spinal support in a natural setting and not in a linear shape like regular ones do.

Jan 06, 2017

Information About New Vacuums

The brand-new carpet-cleaning vacuum has the tendency to have much better filtering systems that trap dust high, even utilizing HEPA-rated filters to receive rid of the tiniest irritant particles. Additional, they manage to do all this while showing less than those cumbersome older vacuums you might still be stuck.

If you're stressed over vacuuming on wood floorings also, it's all right. Our leading choices are mainly grown for carpet work.They can clean up wood and the best vacuum pet hair or tile quickly also-- versatility is an essential ingredient, and the more surface areas you can clean up with a vacuum, the more rewarding a purchase is.

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Expert Upright

A modular style, lots of tools, and easy-to-clean dust bowl put this figure at the top.

Shark's powerful Rotator Lift-Away exhaustion is the whole carpet cleaning device, nobody what your intentions are. The 30-foot cable must suffice to clean up a carpeted space quickly, and the light-weight, quiet nature of this upright design followed a breath of fresh air-- you can temporarily turn this design into a separate, glass system to reach the hardest-to-get locations. We besides value how single the dust cup was to set up and explain-- carpet vacuum benefit considerably from these easy-dump containers rather than standard bags. But, this Rotator furthermore handles to consist of sealing HEPA purifying change for getting rid of dust, temper, and other small irritant particles, making it excellent for health-related vacuuming.

However, as they state, that's not all! Regardless of being a relatively slim upright, this design likewise consists of a variety of cleansing devices, composed of a brush, crevice tool, power brush for family pet hair, and some other accessories. That gives it terrific for furnishings. Take in mind, that because of the canister-separation function, these tools are just partly "on-board." Nonetheless, they're still simple to utilize and develop the design into many different vacua as required.

Miele Dynamic U1 Jazz Upright

Power and HEPA refinement make this design perfect for anybody with allergic reactions around your house.

If you're trying to find strength, versatility, and simpleness all in one package, this vacuum gives it. While this design looks a little large initially glimpse, it, in fact, has lots of maneuverability with it concerns moving out furnishings and around things. The brush roller has a spring-based automated modification that raises and reduces the roller meant for the surface area, which is perfect for changing from hard floorings to the carpet and moving in within various kinds of carpet. There's likewise a dial-based speed control that you can utilize to maintain suction power with four different settings so that you can go easier on some brands of carpet and harder on dirtier locations.

Jan 04, 2017

Why Set up a Home Security System?

You must find the best wireless doorbell video phone for your home. Hereabouts are some of the most necessary cordless video doorbell measures that make it easy for you to pick from a range of video door phone choice and video entry methods cordless category. Choosing the best Wireless Video System for your place is now just a click apart. Have a look at our wifi doorbell video camera cases to assist you to decide.

Wireless Doorbells

Wireless technology has modified the way we live. Nobody wishes to go through the difficulty of having anything wired in their office or homes. This has resulted in lots of appealing discoveries in the field of cordless equipment. This has furthermore activated the need for much better wireless doorbells. If you require a Loud cordless doorbell system or not is entirely your option.

And these are not only standard designs that you can discover everywhere and anywhere. But these are doorbells that make are entirely different and are more technologically advanced. Not to forget, they likewise incorporate more pricey price. We begin with some of the elitist designs in the world of cordless doorbells, evaluations and thorough reports on exactly what makes this medium of home security breakfast. Check out the assessments of a few of the top offensive wireless doorbell options.

Step Detectors-- Lots of designs today feature visual alert icons that can be linked to door connections or movement sensing units. They have dramatically enhanced the reliance on wireless doorbells. Individuals are now able to depend on wireless doorbells more than ever in the past. This can also be annoying when it comes to reproduced signals.

Self-Knowing Code-- This is an efficient cordless doorbell system. The doorbells wireless features a self-learning code system, and you can quickly lower any disturbance from the exterior. This likewise improves security each time the door is responded.

Plug-in-- There are some that come with an integrated strobe light, and all it requires is to be linked to an electrical socket via a plug. This is an excellent power saver and works when you do not wish to lose time in setting up the doorbell. This is among the numerous functions that save electrical energy too. These typically included adjustable volume features and are excellent.

Adjustable Audio-- Some models in office door chime offer you flexible volumes. Which ways, you are not depending on only a handful of steps or amounts which are being offered. Instead, you can change the size just like any CD. This comes in handy when you do no want a loud chime.

The leading entertainers in our evaluation are LiveWatch, the Gold Award winner; MONI, the Silver Award winner; and Frontpoint, the Bronze Award winner. Here is more on selecting a system to satisfy your needs, together with information on how we reached our ranking of 14 systems.

If you are away for some minutes or more weeks, you must realize that your connection and valuable are safe in your apartment. If you have one of the very best home security systems, it can alert you when things are appearing in your home, such as when your kids get back from school. It can guarantee you from threats of fire, flood, carbon monoxide gas and gas leaks, which pose substantial risks.

The very best security systems can also protect upon the dangerous and frightening dangers of burglaries by criminals, that in some respects can be even worse than other possibilities. The very idea of a human intruder creeping through your home and pawing through properties is enough to make grownups feel breached. If you are at the apartment at the time, the fulmination is even greater.

Jan 03, 2017

Cheap Steam Mop To Buy

BISSELL Symphony Animal All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop.

The BISSELL Symphony Animal All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop weighs less than 11lbs but provides you with so much more than simply a steam mop. This unusual cleaning item has taken multitasking cleansing to a new level as it cleverly combines all the best littles a vacuum with the best little bits of a steam mop. As an outcome, with this product, you will be able to sweep debris and steam-clean your hard floorings at the same time, without any compromise regarding power or cleaning result.

What is more, with the BISSELL Symphony Family Pet All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop you can quickly change between low-steam, high-steam, and vacuum modes with the easy touch digital instruments? This makes cleaning high places in any part of your house a doddle as well as saves you great deals of time. Even more to this, you can keep your fingers tidy with the first hands-free, easy-empty drop-it dirt tank-emptying system.


Finding the best steam mop can make all the particular in regards to cleaning your home, tight floors, and strong surface areas. To assist you to find the ideal steam mop, we wrote this list of factors to consider for you to examine. 

Purchasing guide and leading portable and mop choices for the best steam mop cleaners of 2017

Before you buy the best steam cleaner for your residence, there is one significant concern you have to ask yourself if you need a portable design. If you appreciate the reply to this, leap down to our list following. If you're hesitant, that's okay too. 

A steam mop is mostly utilized for cleaning up hard floorings and is an outstanding method to keep them in great condition. With a portable design, you get more things and a more powerful jet of steam so that you can clean up everything from tiles and ovens to your windows. You can utilize portable steam cleaners in positions that a bigger design would not work, consisting of bins and cabinets. Steam cleaners are likewise fantastic on bacteria and for animal keepers.

If the steam cleaners we have included on this page aren't rather ideal for you. There's a tremendous variety of other steam cleaner choices out there. I have described ways to discover the one you desire on page 2, in the purchasing guide. Only keep in brain the first option you have to make does you want a steam mop or a portable steam cleaner.

1. Karcher SC1 Steam Stick

The Karcher SC1 Steam Stick is an excellent compact combined steam cleaner that includes a lot of devices from the package, which can deal with any cleaning quandary you put it. The steam cleaner function is the very best I have seen, with the extended tube and accessories serving it to reach some quite hard and painful areas.

The SC1 even bested more pricey dedicated steam mops when eliminating hard discolorations on hard surface areas. The benefit of the SC1 Steam Stick transcends the few weaknesses. The tiny yet useful Karcher SC1 Steam Stick is our leading choice for anybody desiring an engaging, sound gadget to assist about the house.

Nov 14, 2016


To evaluate out the vacuum's suction power, we ran it through the speeds with 100 grams of powder and cereal on both timber and related floorings. The secret was picking the best tool for the task: The cleaner head suggested for carpets was poor at getting cereal on the wood flooring, for example, merely pressing the Os around rather of drawing them up. When the seed got stuck in the wave, the vacuum's motor beginning shake on and off, giving me realize there was an issue.

When the compatible device was attached, the Dyson did a respectable task of getting the masses, specifically the rice and cereal, getting about 97 percent for both in a minute of cleansing. Max mode showed the method to go when getting the undoubtedly massive particles of sand, and we saw approximately a 16 percent improvement in energy.

My feline's tree typically has adequate fur on it at any offered time to reconstitute an entirely brand-new feline. The portable tool has a rectangle-shaped opening with a brush attached to a plastic roller inside. It works truly well-getting family pet fur in flat surface areas. However, its original shape-- plastic juts out on one side of the accessory-- made it little difficult for cleaning up the door-shaped break on the feline tree.

Switching out all these accessories is simple, however since the carpet cleaner head carried out far better on carpet than the wood variation and vice versa, you'll have to keep returning to the install to select the best vacuum for dog hair for the task.

Numerous City is utilized to residing in little areas, so a stick vacuum may be much easier to keep and be available in useful for daily cleansing.

Customer Reports put a range of stick vacuum to the test to see which ones had the ability to get sand, in the room with a mix of rice and cereal. A lot of the designs only pressed the mix around, and some left the dirt behind after two passes. A few of the high models were more active.

The Dyson V6 Outright was the winner of this test, getting all the sand. It costs $510 and just has about 14 minutes of battery life.

Customer Reports suggests the Shark Rocket DeluxePro TruePet, which costs about $235. It has a cable, so you do not need to stress overcharging batteries. It likewise has a light on the front, so it brightens difficult to reach areas like under furnishings. It weighed about 9 pounds and displayed out well when getting family pet hair.
The Shark and Dyson figures feature detachable hand spaces so you can clean up hard to reach areas like the holes of furnishings and inside your vehicle.

The Electrolux UltraPower Studio carried out well-getting particles on the carpet and bare boards. It costs about $320 and continues its charge for about 20 minutes. Tests then stated that it was less loud than any other plans.

Sep 23, 2016

Do You Know Exactly What Does Multi-Area Imply?

If you are working to find budget-friendly ways of upgrading your entertainment system, a way to do that is by allowing a portable DVD player for kids. Experienced in playing DVDs and CDs, this kind of digital equipment comes in handy for when you wish to pay attention to your preferred artists, whose albums you bought in CD form or films that typically come out on DVDs. Skip regarding your old VHS player; DVD players are far better, and there is more content to take pleasure. While there is rather an argument concerning the noise and photo class presented by DVD players vs. Blu-ray players, there are DVD players that can securely contend. For getting out more on the different aspects of DVD players, checked out the following guide.

Considering that the movie industry has come to a long method, and there is a lot of video material that is now offered HD resolution, you need a DVD player that can upscale to 1080p resolution and DVDFab Blu-ray. This will help you delight in better photo quality. Connection plays a huge role under these circumstances, as a DVD player does the upscaling trick through its HDMI port. Another clarification for upscaling, when an HDMI port is not available, is to connect all the three element video outputs. You will get the benefits of progressively scanned frames that minimize motion artifacts, for that reason allowing you to see video material in the very best conditions possible. Other connection alternatives you can discover on a DVD player include S-video and composite video products that are used for attaching your DVD player to a conventional TV set.

Among the innovations you will find on a DVD player, there will be one that describes the compatibility of your unit with DVDs offered in various nations of the world. In case you need a DVD player for playing such material, you have to make certain that the one you get includes this functionality. The DVD players that are designated can work directly with discs produced in the United States. Discs launched in other markets than the US may not be played on your unit. If you have one that trades with all type of drives, even those from international sources, there will be no limitation to worry. In case you want to visit the country and take your DVD player with you, it does not hurt to get a DVD player with a general coding method.

Progressive scanning is a function that you need to consider when you are looking for a DVD player. Since the horizontal lines on the TELEVISION screen are drawn without disturbance, they might cause some artifacts, specifically when quick action is revealed in the display. 

To eliminate these artifacts, what you require is a DVD player with progressive scanning abilities. Exactly what this function does is that it redraws successive lines, so the image you are seeing remains fluid and sharp. Interlaced scanning is substandard to this type of scanning, because it just redraws the odd lines, and after that, the horizontal lines, therefore being incompetent of developing a fluid flow that is naturally viewed by the human eye without any accidents.

A USB port is now quite a fixture on newer DVD players, permitting you to gain access to media stored on USB gadgets. You can observe your images on your HDTV, without needing to turn on your desktop computer, which is a huge plus. Dolby Surround is the different terrific feature you may want to have on your DVD player. To obtain on par with the superior quality and production of Blu-ray players, the DVD players from crucial manufacturers come with this technology, to supply you with the very best sound experience possible. You will feel like you remain in a real movie theater, equipped with all the benefits, just that you will enjoy your favorite films from the convenience of your living room.

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